Sunday, June 28, 2009

a terrible blogger

I really have been awful, i keep thinking that i should write, but then i don't know what to say....

I've been away in Adelaide for 3 weeks and now i am back in Perth for a few weeks until we go for a trip to Nashville... and i must admit that i am both excited and nervous by the prospect.

Adelaide was good, got to catch up with my family, and also got a chance to learn how to double crochet (Stu's nanna), make pasties (my Grandma and Auntie), spend a weekend in the yorke peninsula (My nanna and Pa), and spend some time with my Mum.

I have been busy crochetting and will hopefully have a some projects finished soon, I went to a brown owls meeting yesterday in Subi, which was a lot of fun, and i got some help with my decreasing, so hopefully it will be finished soon (pictures WILL go up when i finish!)

and check this out:

It's my skirt!!! i made it using an old pair of denim jeans...

I started a few other projects in the same class, so once i finish them i will post some more photos.