Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Screenprinted t-shirts

Hi all

I could really do with some advice, I want to start my own small business and i was to sell some screen printed t-shirts.

I have found a supplier that will sell organic cotton t-shirts which only seem to cost a few extra dollars per shirt.

Do you think it is worth paying a few extra dollars for the organic cotton?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lilliy's new beanie

On our way back from NZ we visiting our friends in the Hunter valley for a couple of days. It was great catching up with them and also meeting their little girl for the first time.

Sarah (Lilly'e mummy) mentioned that she was after a beanie for her, so while we were in town we went to the local craft shop and found some wool.

I didn't have a pattern on me so i just made something up, i think it looks cool!

been in NZ

Been away for a few weeks, at a quilt symposium in NZ, it was a amazing experience and i came away with lots of inspiration.
I will show you pictures when i finish some of the projects.
I have had some amazing classes recently, i learnt how to screen print and also how to dye fabric, am planning on going out today and buying some ink to do some more screenprinting, i love the idea of turning plain fabric into something special and then using it to make a quilt or clothing, so much more effort, but it is really worth it.
I don't know if many of you have heard of Print's Charming? they screenprint fabric and Marcus Brothers also sell their designs, anyway on my way back from NZ we stopped off at their studio and said hello. It was so great to see their studio and all the wonderful things they design. (and of course pick up a few little bits and pieces.... one can never have too much fabric!

Here is a photo that i got Stu to take for me, of Cath and I at the studio.