Monday, May 11, 2009

the most amazing class

On Saturday i started a really amazing class.... its all about re-using denim, either by making changes to your current clothing or turning your old clothes into something new... at the moment i am working on two pieces, a denim jacket, which i've changed the collar and a few other bits and pieces on, and a wrap skirt that i've made out of an old pair of jeans, just need to add a bit of fabric to the bottom of it, and it wil be finished.... will post a pic then.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

the t-shirts have arrived!!

I am so excited! the t-shirts have arrived, i now only have to finish the designs so they can go off to be put onto the screens.

i decided to go with the organic t-shirts, hopefully it all works out....

I also decided on a business name: Coochie Coo Kids

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well i took the plunge and bought some organic t-shirts for screen printing, at this stage i've got sone in 00, 0, and 2 (the only sizes available).

I am in the process of designing my pictures for printing, and will hopefully have something to show by next weekend.

I have also bought 9 litres of ink! Hopefully the business goes well or i am going to have a LOT of ink left.... and i am not really sure what else you would do with it...

We had a great Brown Owls get-together yesterday, and it was great to catch up with everyone again, we worked on Crotcheting, which was a lot of fun!

I think the next brown owl meeting might be here.... I asked the girls if they would be interesting in a bit of screenpainting, and they were!

We also talked about having a crafty weekend away, I loved the idea so i starting looking at possible locations.

I think i've found somewhere that might work... now the fun begins!